Preparing to exit your business – top tips

  1. Build your business so you are not essential to it. This will mean that you need to have people in your company covering every position. Your ultimate role will be to ensure they are all performing well.
  2. If you are indispensable in any of the roles, you will only be able to sell it with you still involved. This may not be attractive to a purchaser.
  3. Make sure your business is scaleable from day one, i.e. that all processes are clear and transparent so that the same business could be set up in another area.
  4. Intergrate effective staff training to ensure that company policy is clearly understood and that the values are truly shared and agreed. Loyal and committed staff are your future.
  5. Great suppliers are an essential part of any successful business. Make sure you find the best group of suppliers and treat them well.



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