Taking on your first employee – top tips

  1. Write a clear job description so you and they know what is expected – especially important if you are employing or sub-contracting to your friends.
  2. Visit the ’employing people’ section of www.gov.uk for advice and resources.
  3. Always keep staff in the loop. When they feel disengaged problems arise. Remember to compliment people when they do well – this empowers them to do even better!
  4. HM Revenue and Customs is a great source of free information when you take on your first employeehttp://www.hmrc.gov.uk/newemployers/
  5. Contact your local job centre if you’re not sure of the appropriate rates to pay for a particular job and for prospective employees as well.
  6. Ensure that you are able to get on well with the person and that they are self-driven. Find out what motivates them and ensure you keep them interested in, and committed to, your business.


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