Prowess Connect: Women in Business Campaign and Collaborate Group

If you are passionate about supporting women in business and committed to pushing for positive change, Prowess Connect may be for you.

Photo: Kevin Krejci / Foter / CC BY
Photo: Kevin Krejci / Foter / CC BY

So far it’s a small, friendly and motivated group who get together occasionally and keep regularly in touch through a discussion forum and online meetings.  We are all working to support women in business and drive positive change for women in our local areas. The common bond is women in business, but members bring some fantastic special insights and passions, including:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Single parents
  • Mumpreneurs
  • Redundancy

The aim of the group is to share our experience and knowledge and come together to make a bigger impact.

Prowess Connect is not exclusive. It doesn’t cost any money to join, just your passion and commitment. Anyone who shares the following aims can join – the more energy the better!

  • Providing great support to women starting and growing businesses
  • Campaigning to make sure those women get a better deal – locally & nationally
  • Finding ways to generate support from Government for what we want to achieve (and what they ‘say’ they are supportive of)

And of course, when you get together with other people doing great things for women in business, there is always scope to find other ways to connect and collaborate. Members have found partners for bids, training and events through Prowess Connect.

Prowess Connect is an open, friendly, action-orientated group. To join us, click here to sign-up to the group’s LinkedIn page.

4 thoughts on “Prowess Connect: Women in Business Campaign and Collaborate Group”

  1. Happy to join. I share and contribute +20 years of corporate IKEA executive experience that burned the candles at both ends, burned out and created a new road : now + 7 yrs as entrepreneur in helping women to blossom, to use their time and talents best, to use the sparkle they have. I help avoid burning out, opting out and help regain colors in their personality they might have lost in the way up to fit in.
    I now work as a speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor , mainly in Europe.


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