Tech meets paper: Kirsty Mac follows her passion on Indiegogo

Kirsty Mac is a woman after our own heart. She loves technology and beautiful stationery and she has developed a range of products that bring them together. Kirsty’s crowdfunding campaign is hot on Indiegogo right now, and if you’re reading this when it has ended then you’ll be right in time to connect with the finished products. 

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In a world where people are constantly on their phone, new augmented reality app, Tech Meets Paper seeks to solve everyday problems in today’s modern cluttered lifestyle in just a few taps. The lifestyle coach in your pocket, Tech Meets Paper brings together the trusted analogue with the latest in technology, syncing both stylish paper stationery and digital diaries seamlessly.

Brought to you by the coaching and lifestyle team, Leadership Styled, Tech Meets Paper blend their extensive experience from working with both individuals and multinational brands to create a product to help realign your focus. Designed by life coach and executive speaker, Kirsty Mac, Tech Meets Paper has been a lifelong dream, bringing together her love of luxury stationery and digital, designed around today’s fast paced and hectic lifestyles.

Kirsty is passionate about making the product as beautiful as it is practical. “We want to provide a high quality product with a difference. We have been carefully poring over paper samples, scribbling on lined, blank, and triangle printed paper and researching with focus groups, designers, printers and stationery aficionados to bring you the best quality notebooks.”

Created in Scotland, the innovative app with it’s focus on combining digital stationery and mindfulness is pushing for further development with the launch of its crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo. Looking for £10,000, Tech Meets Paper are looking to use the money to develop the incredible combination of written and smart technology and have it ready for both Android and iPhone before the year’s end. Solving today’s busy lifestyle problems has proved popular on the American crowdfunding platform, with over £3000 in pledged so far with over 30 days to go.

Tech meets paper: Kirsty Mac follows her passion on IndiegogoCombining elegantly designed notebooks with a fully interactive app, Tech Meets Paper provides an effortless solution to maintaining the mythical work life balance. Shaping it’s way around you, written or typed, the app gets to know you and your needs.  From inspirational quotes, meditative videos to audio tracks to help realign focus, Tech Meets Paper is designed with modern lifestyles in mind. No matter how smart our phones get, nothing will take away the love for the pen and paper, so why not improve on it? Pledge for Tech Meets Paper to effortlessly aid your life for a portable personal life coach in your pocket.

With a background in sales including 10 years working with companies such as Marks & Spencer, Mattel and Masterfoods (effectively Barbies, chicken and knickers!). Kirsty Mac set up her training and coaching business – Leadership Styled –  after training in Sydney. Since setting up her businesses she has spoken in America, written a book, been finalist at World of Learning Awards, trained over 2670 students in NLP as well as countless in house in businesses. From then she has also helped set up businesses and consulted with top companies such as Bank of New York, First Direct, Sports Scotland and Disney, to name a few. It’s no wonder the next step is showing people how to keep organised within a busy life. 

You can read more about the Ingiegogo campaign here:

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