Using AI-Personalisation Technology To Target the Female Customer

Businesses have always known that personalising communication with their consumers is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. In the past, companies have segmented markets to cover a range of demographics based on gender, nationality, age, etc. However, in recent years, AI personalisation technology has changed that. Companies can now segment markets with increased accuracy but also communicate on a one-to-one basis with their clients. With this in mind, this article looks at businesses using AI technology to personalise their communication with female customers while also providing an example of women in business creating solutions in the hair care space.


Around 65% of the gambling population are men; however, some companies are looking to change that statistic using AI. For example, in recent times, Buzz Bingo, the gambling company that offers both in-person and online live bingo, has marketed its bingo product to female players by offering events such as themed musical bingo nights. In order to further improve their online services like bingo, poker, and roulette, they have partnered with Future Anthem. Integrating Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI technology into their product will improve the user experience. The company will be able to offer more personalised offerings to their new and existing customers. In an industry with a focus on men, this technology may redress the balance.


According to a Breaking Stereotypes study carried out in 2023, 75% of women in the UK are their household’s primary grocery shopper. The UK grocery industry is hyper-competitive one and every inch gained by the use of technology over the competitors is valuable. On top of this, Waitrose is the latest supermarket company to confirm a partnership with an AI provider. Just a few months ago, they signed an agreement with Netcore Unbxd, which has meant a more customised experience for shoppers based on previous shopping preferences. Not only this, they have introduced technology that allows them to run individualised ads on their website. In a consumer-based market dominated by women, this technology will allow them to offer even better targeted ads.

Hair Care

The world of hair care is another industry that is primarily focused on women and leverages AI personalisation technology to drive growth. According to Business Insider, hair care has become one of the most profitable sectors of the consumer goods industry and is expected to grow to over $147 billion by the end of the decade. So, it’s no surprise they are leveraging technology to attract more customers.

For example, start-up Myavana has created a system to identify specific strands of hair and offer women a personalised hair analysis system. Based on this analysis as well as how customers answer other questions, the programme will suggest certain brands and products that are suited to them.

christina wocintechchat com glRqyWJgUeY unsplash Using AI-Personalisation Technology To Target the Female Customer

This is probably just the beginning of partnerships regarding AI across industries. According to, the AI-based personalisation technologies market is forecasted to grow even further in the next number of years at a rate of nearly 13% up until 2030, reaching a total value of $1.4 billion. This expected development will not only benefit the tech industry but also female consumers as their shopping, gaming, or other experiences become more individually focused.