10 reasons to love Windows 10

Windows 10 is on its way and the good news is Microsoft has upped its game in a bid to win over the 8-haters. Here are 10 reasons why you are set to love Windows 10…

Start menu: The start menu is as good a place as any to begin, quite literally. Windows aficionados will be pleased to know it makes a welcome return in 10 – at the same time as combining the tiles of Microsoft’s last OS. With every Windows update, they grant us new features that were in development for months to help ensure that we have the ideal experience when we are using our technological devices. With the bonjour service, you will notice that it is helpful and easy to use if you have a network printer you need to set-up or a file you need to share, bonjour will find those devices in your network within seconds. Nowadays it’s not only important for devices to be reliable, but they also need to be easy to use and connect, and connectivity is what you get with this service.

Cortana: Remember ‘Clippy’ the personal assistant from Windows 97? Well, we’ve come a long way from that. Microsoft’s newest and best helper, Cortana, makes the move from phones to the desktop with Windows 10. It replaces the old search facility and, just like with the mobile version, can send you alerts and reminders.

Xbox: Accessing your Xbox Live account and streaming Xbox games on your PC will become second nature on Windows 10 – as will showing off your own personal gaming highlights with an in-built game capture function.

Hololens: Whether it’s phone, tablet or laptop Microsoft 10 is set to be a platform fit for all of your devices. And that includes the exciting new Hololens – a product that looks set to allow you to view hologram-esque augmented reality images through a pair of hi-tech goggles. With the Hololens you’ll be able, for example, to conduct a Skype call during which the recipient sees what you can see and can draw/annotate onto your view. This potentially game-changing bit of kit launches alongside Windows 10 – and uses the new system.

Streaming: The age of streaming is well and truly upon us and Microsoft clearly ‘gets’ that with Windows 10. Gone is the old Windows Media Player and in its place comes Xbox Music and Xbox Video. They’ll still play your old files but new music, TV shows and films can be bought from within too.

Performance: You want an upgrade to feel like an improvement on what you’ve already got – and Windows 10 will deliver that feeling with a better bootup time and an all-round niftier navigation process. Improvements to ‘power management’ should help your battery to last longer.

Notifications: All of your system notifications and app notifications will now be saved, chronologically, in one handy place, meaning you won’t need to miss that all-important message that flashes up out of the corner of your eye.

App: Windows 10 finally offers users the chance to benefit from unified apps. Just buy an app once from the store and you’ll be able to put it to use across all of your devices. Not only does that bring about a cost benefit but it also makes it much easier to start writing a document on one device and finish it off later on another.

Spartan: Folomojo highlights the promise of the new Spartan web browser – which is said to allow you to annotate a webpage and share it with friends and save an article, ad-free, in reading mode.

Free: Yep, all that excitement and it’s free for users of Windows 7, 8 and Windows Phone. Migrating can be smoother than you think too, especially if you call on experts such as 1E to make it as pain free a move as possible.

Image: Windows 10 by RoSonic / Shutterstock.com

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