7 things you can do today to get your sales goals back on track

I saw this tweet from Peter Shankman (@petershankman) today:

Decide NOW not to let the December You feel the same way the Today You feels about the undone goals made by the January You.

I thought ‘how true.’

So… how are you doing on achieving your sales goals for the year? For the quarter? For the month?

Kicking yourself in the butt in December is not the answer. Get into high gear now so you don’t feel the need for butt-kicking at the end of the year.

How? Try a couple of these techniques to retrench your sales and get moving on those goals:

1. Refresh your contacts: drop by the top 20% of current clients with lemonade and cookies, leave a voice message, send an email to touch base and see what you might do for them.

2. Do your own employee review: ask your top clients for feedback and referrals.

3. Change your routine: if you normally do emails and phone calls in the morning, switch it up by making in-person calls in the morning and do your desk work in the afternoon.

4. Go to a new networking meeting and interact with at least two new people.

5. Review your appointments so far this year and over the first six months.  Call on the ones that have dropped through the cracks or that you promised to call back later.

It’s later NOW.

6. Spend one hour brainstorming what else (and where else) you could be doing to find new clients and really think out of the box. Don’t forget to write down your ideas.

7. Do a new online search for companies in your target areas or industries.

  • Try different keywords.
  • Dig past the first page of results to turn up some new prospects.
  • If you drive the same route every day or every week, reverse direction and pay attention to what you see differently.
  • Write down a fresh list of personal and sales goals for the second half of the year. Give yourself some stretch goals – those you can achieve but you’ll have to work in a consistently higher gear to make.

You are in the power seat here. You’re in charge…

Would you rather get a bonus in December or anticipate a well-deserved butt-kicking as the year closes?

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  1. Thanks for sharing…. all successful companies make a plan and review it periodically throughout the year. Home business owners who do the same will get the same results that the big corps do!


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