Profile: Amanda Vlahakis, Truly Ace Design

Amanda’s graphic design company gives her flexibility in work and an enormous sense of pride in having grown the business from scratch.

Could you explain a bit about what your business is?
Truly Ace is a full end to end graphic design service with the added bonus of being able to offer illustration.

When did you start your business?

What motivated you to start a business/become self-employed?
I decided to stay at home when my first child was born to be a full time mother, and after six months I was becoming very bored with the daily mundane routine, and also missing the double household income. So I decided to start something that I could do at home – basically I decided that it was possible to have both your career AND your children and combine them together.

What are the highlights of being a business owner/self-employed?
I enjoy the flexibility to work whichever hours, days, weeks I please and being able to work on the projects that I enjoy the most. There is also the enjoyment of the personal pride in starting and then growing a business over the years.

Have you experienced any particular difficulties/challenges in starting a business?
The main challenge was trying to do it with two young children around me all day long! I had a second child three years after the first and it’s been tiring and stressful to say the least juggling it all.

Do you feel you have experienced any disadvantages in starting and growing a business becasue you are female?
I don’t feel I have at all. I’ve always happily told people that I work from home, and even that I have my children with me all day and it’s never hindered my ability to succeed.

What key pieces of advice would you give to other women thinking about starting a business?
Don’t let your fears stop you from doing something you want to do. You need to have faith in your ability to succeed. If you have faith, determination to keep trying and a willingness to learn, you can’t really fail to build a satisfying business.


Prowess archive 2009.

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