What Is A VPN And Why Does Your Business Need One?

How important is data security and privacy to your business? If you are dealing with confidential client information then it is absolutely critical that you do a data risk assessment. If you or any of your team work remotely, every time you access your system from public Wifi, you are vulnerable to a data breach.

The worst case scenario doesn’t bear thinking about. Your customers’ data hacked, your sensitive business plans and correspondence leaked? Situations like those could ruin your reputation and make you subject to litigation.

So, what can you do? A business VPN (virtual private network) is the bare minimum.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is a group of computers networked together over the internet. The network is securely linked, so that no one outside of the company can access the shared data. It also hides your location, identity, and web history while you browse. Hackers will find it incredibly difficult to get a hold of that data, because it is all encrypted.

Various members of your team will be able to access your company’s resources without it being at risk of theft. Furthermore, you will be able to access it when you are away by connecting to the network.

Where do you get a Business VPN?

You can create your own VPN, which is sometimes the route tech experts take. However, there are significant benefits to subscribing to a VPN provider, as they provide some of the best VPN services. They will have networks you can connect to in different regions, giving you the capability to access geo-restricted data. Also, you’re not relying on one person to ensure it works. If you need to troubleshoot anything, the best VPN providers have great customer service.

VPN providers will have a business option that will be more expensive than the personal one. If you’re a one-person business, a personal VPN will be sufficient, but if you have a team, you’re probably going to have to opt for a business package. In any case, a subscription to a VPN is not expensive. You may have to pay around £60 per month, but there are many that are much cheaper (and some that are more expensive).

What will it protect you from?

A VPN will not only protect you from your data going missing, but it will save you from that data being used against you. Identity theft is one of the biggest drivers of VPN usage. After all, there are few things scarier than losing control of your identity (including your credit records and reputation).

Importantly, even a small breach that doesn’t lead to any real damage or losses can damage your reputation with your clients. They may no longer see you as a secure option, and will be afraid to share their credit card information with you or personal details you might need to provide them with your service.

Online security is one of the most important things for your business. Without it, you stand to lose everything you’ve built.

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