Low-cost ways to brand your health and beauty business

Health and beauty products don’t often sell themselves. No matter how many followers boast about your products online, goods to enhance your inner or outer beauty sell more effectively when customers can actually see, smell, and try out your product or service. Whether you are selling private label body butter or bringing a new perfume to the market, you need to think ahead. For new health and beauty gurus, this process can be overwhelming and sometimes expensive. However, with creative and economic branding and packaging, you can have your clients (and all their friends) looking and feeling their best in no time.

DIY Scratch & Sniff

Scratch and sniff stickers can be expensive, and depending on the scent can sometimes smell like the exact opposite flavor it’s supposed to. Scratch & sniff stickers, however, are super easy to DIY at home, and are an easy way to influence a sale without having to constantly open or break the seals on the packaging.  Print your own stickers at home with plain sticker paper or use your own pre-ordered labels, and then apply a small droplet of essential oil with a q-tip on them.  A small amount of oil will be absorbed into the sticker, and if you’re using essential oils in your products anyway, this is a great way to highlight your wonderful aromas.

Label Upgrade

Labels are an important part of branding any product. Health and beauty products, however, need to look even more aesthetically pleasing to suggest to customers that the product itself also encourages feeling or looking radiant. A simple update in the design or even the shape of your product labels is a great way to gain attention from followers and get noticed from potential new ones. Labels can also be customised to include things like the ingredients, contact info, or even directions. Beauty product reviews mention labels a surprising number of times, as you can see in these Dermal Repair Complex reviews.

Stock Up on Samples

While you’re upgrading your labels, you might want to consider how your samples could benefit from a face-lift. Sample bottles and containers are easily found at craft, discount stores or bulk suppliers and are also relatively inexpensive. Having samples on hand to offer customers or to include in online orders is a great way to influence word-of-mouth marketing.  The current trend for health and beauty packaging is to use containers that are clear, as they let customers see the product they’re using and lets the product itself shine through.  Sample bottles, containers, and dispensers are also a great place to use your new custom labels or scratch and sniff stickers.


A fashion accessory that’s becoming increasingly trendy is magnetic-backed badges. Badges with magnetic backing are appearing all over jackets and accessories because they can be easily removed and reapplied anywhere at any time. Badges can also be customised online in any colour and design, further increasing their personalisation capabilities. Unique name badges for employees are a great branding tool because they suggest that your employees aren’t just salespeople, but also experts in the field. If you’re an ecommerce business try creating badges that are seasonal or exclusive and promote that they’re included in orders or after a certain amount is spent.

Offer Related Products

Some health and beauty products require extra tools for application. This could be brushes, scoops, or even removal wipes and cloths. A great way to brand, or even cross-promote is to supply or provide customers with the extra tools they may require for their products. These could either be branded in-house, or you could work with another health and beauty brand that’s accessory focused. When working and promoting with other brands you enjoy or endorse you have the opportunity to double your followers and reach a wider audience, which can also result in an increase in sales.

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