Sustainability With Style: How to Promote Your Brand and Protect the Planet

Packaging your products might seem like something of an afterthought, but getting the right packaging can take your business to the next level. As the eCommerce sector becomes more competitive and customers develop more eco-conscious shopping habits, it’s increasingly important to ensure your packaging ticks all the right boxes.

Using Custom Packaging for Your Business

In most cases, custom packaging isn’t eco-friendly. Custom packaging suppliers often rely on the use of unsustainably sourced materials –– like plastic –– to produce bespoke designs. Although it might be tempting to sacrifice the environment for sales, customers are becoming pickier with how they spend their money.

Over two-thirds of consumers agree that the design of a product’s packaging and what the packaging is made from influences their purchasing decisions. With such a large number of consumers becoming more focussed on a product’s packaging, it’s clear to see that environmental impact is being added to the equation when customers calculate their costs.

So you have a dilemma: use custom packaging to attract some customers at the risk of being called out by your consumer base, or, stick with less enticing eco-friendly packaging and risk failing to capture your customers’ imagination and potentially lose out on sales as a result.

Can You Protect The Planet and Promote Your Brand?

Whichever option you choose, your packaging will be making a statement about your brand. In what may seem like a lose-lose situation, innovative eco-friendly packaging suppliers have been able to incorporate custom branding into their range of sustainably sourced products. So your business will be able to create and distribute personalised packaging that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment. 

Eco-friendly packaging companies can create vibrant packaging using vegetable-based inks, avoiding the use of toxic or harmful chemicals for printing in full colour. These days it is not difficult to source biodegradable pouches and tissue paper. Ethical companies are also using much more eco-friendly packaging materials like Kraft paper and cardboard, which are environmentally safe, inexpensive to manufacture and versatile when used for bespoke packaging.

Why Use Custom Printed Eco-Friendly Packaging? 

The packaging that protects our products often gains more attention than the products themselves. Recent studies have found that eco-conscious consumers are more likely to buy from brands that use eco-friendly packaging and are even happy to pay a little more to shop sustainably. Alongside these findings, eco-friendly custom printed packaging can:

Encourage eco-friendly behaviour: Showing off your sustainable style is a great way to encourage recycling or boast about your product’s biodegradable properties. You could illustrate how your customers could compost your packaging after it’s served its initial purpose –– they’ll love the fact you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your packaging is contributing to a healthier planet.

Discourage irresponsible behaviour: The instantly recognisable Tidyman symbol has been used to discourage littering on various types of packaging for years. Taking your own unique approach could make a great marketing tool and score points with your customer base, setting out your stall and letting them know that your brand doesn’t agree with littering, fly-tipping or other environmentally harmful actions.

Increase brand awareness: Personalising your packaging is an easy, cost-effective marketing strategy that’ll get your brand noticed. Show off your brand’s logo or add your catchy slogan to your brand’s packaging to help people recognise your products and make positive associations with your brand, especially if you’ve chosen an eco-friendly packaging supplier.

Boost your social media presence: Include your brand’s social media addresses and hashtags can help your customers can engage with you across various platforms. Get it right and you could see your business’ social media engagement skyrocket. Simply making people aware of your brand’s social media accounts will create opportunities for your tech-savvy consumers to share your products online.

Create excitement and anticipation: Creating an exciting unboxing experience will enhance the user’s experience with your product. Easy-to-open tear-away strips have been used for years and create a simple yet highly satisfying unpacking experience. By making your product easy to access, you’re generating a memorable user experience that’ll help improve your relationship with your customers.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Custom Packaging 

Since you’ve created a profitable and valuable product, don’t throw it away by using non-recyclable or unsustainably sourced packaging. With so many eco-friendly packaging options available to create inspiring designs, it’s easier than ever to switch to sustainable packaging. From the simple addition of a slogan to full-scale branding, connecting with your customers with your eco-friendly custom packaging can generate sales, improve your social media presence and get your brand noticed, all while protecting the planet.