Save lunch – be a Lunch Legend with JUST EAT’s new comp #minifistpump

lunch legend


Do you remember the good old days? The days when a lunch break was a lunch hour and you had time to do more than just grab a quick snack off a rack before getting back to the grind?

It’s not just your gran who thinks the old ways were the best. But now you have a chance to take a stand against midday mediocrity and be a true hero…

JUST EAT’s Lunch Legend campaign is a perfect way to bring everyone together for the sort of feel good, mini fist pump moments that break down barriers and promote can-do attitudes around your workplace.

lunch legend 2

The Lunch Legend idea is brilliantly simple: just enter your details between midday today and March 25 and you’ll get the chance to be a Lunch Legend and win £250 worth of takeaway vouchers for you and your colleagues to share.

It’s the perfect opportunity to win free lunch and get account handlers hobnobbing with admin, to get creatives chewing things over with the sales team, and to see what happens when telesales chow down with IT. Giving the office free lunch represents the perfect ‘get to know you’ opportunity, and that’s just as true at the office as it is on a hot date.

There’s extensive research that shows that businesses that bring their people together informally enjoy better communication, more moments of synergy and inspiration and all the generic benefits of a happy and settled team. Even rocket scientists like a good lunch.

Everybody has known since the good old days that happy people are productive people. And a free lunch is a sure fire way to get everyone around you feeling perky and positive – and it’s a great way to get them thinking that you’re brilliant too!

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