8 common security concerns for start-ups

Cyber securityStarting a new business can be fraught with many problems. These can range from employing the correct people to cyber crime. If you haven’t kept your IT security up to date you could be liable to attack. It is not only important that you make sure your company’s premises are secure, but you should also protect sensitive data.

  1. Protecting your premises

If you work from home or have just moved to a new premises, you’ll need to make sure that you check out the buildings security. If you visit the www.securitydirectuk.com website you will be able find a wide range of security grilles and shutters that can be fitted to weak points such as doors or windows.
The last thing you’ll want to happen when you move in is to lose everything to burglars.

  1. Secure your business ideas

An article on the Business Wales Gov website explains how businesses should keep certain ideas to themselves, but it is important that they get feedback from customers and other companies. Giving away too much information when starting up your business could give away any new ideas you have and might damage your business. Register all trademarks and patents.

  1. Cyber crime

The last thing that anyone wants is to see funds seeping out of their bank account as a result of cyber crime. Change your passwords frequently and make sure that only company directors have access to the company bank accounts. If you carry out your major transactions on the company credit card you will be reimbursed if your account is hacked.

  1. Check out your staff

You must make sure that any staff you recruit are honest and capable. This means checking up all of their references. A recent article in The Daily Mail highlights a case of staff fraud and theft that led to fines and imprisonment.

  1. Talk to the police

Many new business owners are concerned about crime and high insurance premiums. One way of ensuring that your building is safe is to contact your local crime prevention unit and request that an officer comes out to inspect your building. The officer can advise on any security measures you may have to take, this will keep your insurance premiums down too.

   6.  Guarding your company digital portables

Most companies hold a lot of valuable information on laptops, mobiles and tablets. In order not to spend too many sleepless nights worrying about theft of this data make sure you back up every piece of information that you hold electronically.

  1. Eternal lighting is cost effective

 It’s important that you work from a building that’s well lit inside and outside. Motion sensor detectors are relatively inexpensive and will deter most thieves. It’s a false economy not to invest in these indispensable items.

  1. Shred your secrets

Not all danger comes from cyberspace. Most companies print out an enormous amount of paper on a daily basis, some of this contains sensitive information. A shredder is a cost effective method of ensuring that your company secrets remain secret and can’t be read by any casual passer by or corporate thief.

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