7 Reasons Why You Can Become a Start-up Success Story


Starting your own business can be a scary prospect. The early stage in particular is fraught with difficulties and set-backs. But most people who make it through that start-up period say that launching a business is one of the best things they have ever done.

Of course, experience will be your cruellest and most effective teacher. That’s why stories from others who’ve been through a similar experience are so powerful.Thawte® would love to hear your start-up story and if it’s particularly good, you could win an SSL Certificate for your website and an iPad Mini!

When the going gets tough it helps to remind yourself of your strengths. Here are 7 reasons why it’s time to stop ignoring that voice in your head, and tell yourself you’re ready for start-up success:

You’ve got a great idea

The first brick you place in building your business should be a great idea, that you are passionate about. Understanding and nurturing your idea in its fullest expression will make facing those inevitable challenges easier. Complete research around your idea: who are my competitors? What is my USP? How do I reach my target consumer? These questions and many more are crucial to ask on your journey.

You’re a people person

You’ve always put this forward in interviews as one of your key skills, and people value your ability to deal with all kinds of people from all works of life. No doubt then that when dealing with client enquiries and transactions for your own business, you can offer service that is a cut-above the rest. As a genuine people person, you’ll be able to understand the human experience behind whatever service it is you’re offering, namely how to recognise issues and how to fix them. After all, isn’t exceptional service delivery what successful businesses are all about?

You’re looking for the flexibility of an entrepreneurial lifestyle

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves: if you’re going to make a success of your start-up and achieve your goals, you may well be working more hours than you would if you were employed. However, the flexibility of your new career comes in deciding whento put in all of those hours. For instance the ability to complete tasks around your family can more than make up for the extra effort working for yourself often needs.

You have the resilience to rise above challenges

Tales of any successful entrepreneur can warn you of the challenges you are likely to face. Perhaps yours will be supplier issues, logistical troubles or building and sustaining a loyal customer base. But you should believe in your idea, your business and your ability to succeed, because when you are knocked down, it is these beliefs that will pick you back up. Staying positive and happy in the face of adversity is the key to unlocking that entrepreneurial spirit.

Creativity and thinking on your feet come naturally

Though some steps in your journey may be taken in the dark, you’ll be smart enough and creative enough to drive your vision to reality. You’ll take a proactive approach to problem solving, one that delivers your service to the right people at the right time. Since the only variables you have control of are your ideas and people that you work with, you should be ready and able to address the circumstances that are outside of your control.

You take criticism on the chin, and then move forward

An ability to listen to criticism and act upon feedback that you receive has the potential to add considerable value to your business. Feedback takes many forms, and you’re ability to sort the wheat from the chaff is a gift. You should be able to recognise the relevance to your business that hides in bad online reviews or a customer complaint, and ask how your business can grow from that. Taking direction from what people say and how they react is a constructive and responsible way to respond to your consumers.

Yours is a positive attitude to risk and the unknown

Running a business is not for everyone, but if you believe that it is for you, knowing how to calculate and manage risk is critical. Most often in life it is fear that holds us back, so address your fears and see how easy it can be. The internet is the greatest library in the world, and you can teach yourself how to do almost anything. A willingness to take responsibility for your own path and to teach yourself will carry you leaps and bounds on your road to start-up success.

These are my suggestions for strengths that could help you keep on track to being that start-up success story. If you have any more that work for you, please share them in the comments below.

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