Stretching Time: Top Tips from Lynne Franks

Even when you have created the appropriate internal and external space, with the constant intrusion of life’s obligations and interruptions, preparing the ground for the business you envision won’t be possible unless you find a way to stretch time.

Whether you are single or have a family, are currently working nine-to-five or juggling several
part-time jobs, something’s got to give if you want to devote some quality time to your venture.

Here are some wise words from different women I asked, who’ve learned to get more out of every hour, without sacrificing their need for relaxation – because starting a business the feminine way involves decreasing your level of stress, not adding to it.

I realised that if I made a very simple change in my day-to-day life, I would have the time I needed to begin to realise my dreams. I simply set my alarm clock for one hour earlier. I gave myself an hour every day – as a gift. It’s the perfect time for me, too. The rest of the world is quiet and I can think about my project with a fresh mind, before the onslaught of kids and work and routine.

So-called “vampire” friends who just want to suck my energy have had to go now that I’m working for myself. I love seeing my close friends but I don’t want to see complainers and professional ‘victims.’ The trouble is they are often attracted to strong people and although I’m sympathetic, I want to conserve my energy.

For me, carving out the time I needed meant, first of all, noticing where all my ‘free’ time was being eaten up: dinners and movies with friends, phone calls and watching TV. I had rationalised that I needed the R & R time after work to get together with friends or come home and veg out in front of the tube. But not every single night of the week! Now I keep the date with myself to work on my business plan two nights a week.

I make lists of everything I have to do the night before. I write them in an attractive notebook and stretch time by crossing out the jobs that aren’t really that important – the time they would have taken up now belongs to my business.

I talked to lots of high-achievers, some with small children, about how they stretch time and fit everything they need into their lives. Of course, succesful earners rely on a support system of childcare, cleaning help and so on. However, everyone agreed that it was by keeping some space for themselves, just a few minutes here and there, that helped them to have the clarity and time to do their work. Panicking definitely didn’t help anyone.

Walk around the block, regular food and restroom breaks, lots of list, five minutes’ silence now and then, making verbal lists into handhelp recorders when stuck in traffic, making your phone calls in the morning, and definitely remembering to breath seem to work for most.

Of course, in these days of technology we have our mobile phones with us. I rarely give my number out, as I would hate it ringing all the time, but at least I can make the calls I need to when I’m travelling.

This is an excerpt from Lynne’s best selling bookThe Seed Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Businessir?t=prowe20 21&l=as2&o=2&a=1401906427 Stretching Time: Top Tips from Lynne Franks

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