The Best Windows Time-Management Apps

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We can download apps that will help us to manage and control our businesses from home, or even when we are on the go. But of the thousands of apps out there, which really deliver?

And are these apps designed with your businesses’ computer set-up in mind?

As a freelance writer, I search the Internet for technology articles written specifically for business. When it comes to apps, I’ve noticed an overriding pattern. Most articles about apps that claim to help businesses manage better only seem to focus on those that work with Apple operating systems. What about all of the businesses that work with Windows? Surely, they’d appreciate a little helping hand too?

Well, if your business predominantly uses Windows and you want to use apps to stay ahead of the game, I’ve compiled a list of my three best time-management and organisational apps, specifically for Windows users.

1. Keep Focused

There are 168 hours in a week. Take out 48 hours for the weekend, a further 40 hours of sleeping time, a little over 6 hours a day for travel, eating, clothing, out-of-work relationships and some sort of family and social life, and that leaves you with an average of 50 hours of potential work time. Sounds a lot, right? But, you’ve predicted that your current week’s project is going to take you at least 60 hours to complete. Ah.
Now, either you plan to work like a machine, which will no doubt leave you burnt out, exhausted and resented by others, or you find a way to manage your time effectively.

Enter Keep Focused to the rescue. Keep Focused is a small Windows app, designed to distribute time into work slices, which will help you manage time and tasks easily, completing them all, one step at a time.

Using the Pomodoro Technique, an acclaimed time management tool, the app allows you manage your time more effectively, by featuring a session management device that helps you to keep track of exactly what you’re doing in each 25-minute time segment.

At the end of each working day, you can review the entire days data file to analyse exactly what you’ve done with your time, what tasks you’ve completed and what projects you still have to complete. So, when you’ve got a huge project that needs to be finished by the end of the day and you need to buy laptops online for your growing team, you can plan your time in detail to complete both.

 2. Evernote

 Have you ever forgotten a vital document, leaving it sitting at home or in the office on your PC? You know, the document which had to be delivered by a fast-approaching and extremely important deadline? After all, it’s impossible to remember everything… isn’t it?

Well, with Evernote, you don’t have to.

This handy Windows app is the perfect tool for remembering every aspect of your everyday life through the help of your computer, phone, tablet and the internet.

By keeping all of your devices in sync, Evernote provides access to every single note, file, image and even favourite web pages, so everything is available to you at a touch of a button, wherever your location

3. Basecamp

Can’t quite remember who was doing what part of your project? Or, can’t quite remember how much time you’ve spent on a project when billing a client? Well, with Basecamp all these factors can be easily managed.

Simply assign tasks to all members of your team, and you can see who’s completed what, when projects were completed, what’s left outstanding and importantly, manage how much time has been spent on a particular aspect of a project.

Basecamp is also the perfect tool for keeping important documents in one single destination, so all members have access to important files, no matter where they are located or whichever device they choose to use.

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer and submitted on behalf of Laptops Direct. Ella specialises in providing engaging technology information to other users and businesses. 


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