Financing Strategies for Women in Business: Video [2.48]

This great new video animation from the Kauffman Foundation shows how barriers to finance are holding back women’s businesses and the underlying causes of those barriers.

It’s narrated by Alicia Robb, who says “women are not making as much progress as the statistics out there would have you believe… If you look at revenues, or employment or payroll [women’s businesses] are not actually growing faster than male-owned businesses, they’re growing slower. So we’re actually losing ground, which is quite shocking given the gains we’ve made in terms of participation in the labour force, in education and in higher education.”

The bottom line, as Robb points out, is that women often start businesses with lower levels of their own funds to invest and own less wealth in general. This has a major impact on our ability to borrow funds for business start up and development, but it’s not the whole story. There are also less rational blockages out there.

The video gives the low-down for women trying to access equity finance. And the book that it supports – The Rising Tide: Financing strategies for women-owned firms – looks at many different types of women-owned firms, from pre starts and home-based businesses to high-growth and technology-focused ventures. It also includes case studies and tactics to help women get around financing blocks.

For US-based women, this looks like a really useful book. If you’re based in the UK our own free eBook – the Women’s Business Finance Guide takes a practical approach to the same issues.

The Women’s Business Finance Guide – Free eBook

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  • A plain-English overview of all the main types of business finance, including loans, grants, equity, bootstrapping, crowdfunding etc.
  • Pros and cons of each type of funding, women’s angles and routes, links and advice.
  • Exercises to help you assess your financial psychology.[/unordered_list]

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