Start-up Stories: 5 Women in 60 Seconds

There are inspirational women running businesses in every corner of the UK. In these short videos (below), five women from one small town in Northern Ireland share their start-up stories. They talk about the highs and lows of getting ventures off the ground and moving them onwards and upwards. They include businesses in new media and digital, marketing, creative industries and crafts, food production and virtual administration.

They’re taking part in a brilliant initiative from Omagh Enterprise Company – the 60 second challenge. It’s fast, focused and fun – businesses have to try and answer 6 questions about their business in just one minute. Most fail the challenge, but not by too much! And they slip over because they are just so passionate and enthusiastic about what they’re doing.  We all need a bit more of that… so why not take a minute or two and be inspired!

Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Media Box

Multi-media company – your marketing department. “I started from my kitchen table 3 years ago as the recession hit… I’d previously made a lot of money for other people and I felt I could do it for myself.”


Naomh McElhatton, Digital Advertising NI

“Being a working mum I now have the freedom and flexibility to make my own diary.”


Shauna McCarvey, Heavenly Tasty Organics

Frozen organic baby food. “Bringing products to market is a long and hard process. It’s great when you see that product reach the shelves, it’s a fantastic feeling.”


Charlene Stockdale, Cupid Creations

Handmade wedding stationery, textile jewellery and workshops. “When I left university there weren’t any jobs… This was something I’d wanted to do years down the line and I thought why not do it now.”


Shauna Rooney, Tyronne Office Solutions

Virtual Assistant. “You work over and above the hours, but it’s worth it.”


Many thanks to Nicholas O Shiel for allowing us to share these 60 second challenges. If you’d like to see more,  you’ll find the full and growing collection on the Omagh Enterprise Company website.

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  1. Nice video’s, thank you. It’s such a big step to start. Most people need a redundancy or something else to push them. Then it actually can take a number of months before the idea becomes a real plan


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