Startup Investment in Women: Infographic

Startup investment in women follows a pretty similar pattern in the UK as it does in the US. So while this gorgeous infographic is US focused many of the issues it throws light on are just as relevant here in the UK.

Women still get just a tiny share of venture capital investment on both sides of the Atlantic. Partly it’s a communication issue. Women in developed countries start with lower growth expectations, but deliver more in the end. We under-sell and over-deliver. (Similar to the picture for salary negotiations). As a result women’s businesses that do get investment, receive 33% less funds than men and deliver 12% higher revenues.

It’s also about visibility. Women investors are still a small minority and it seems that even when women think they have strong links to the VC world, the male VCs don’t recognise the relationship at all.

Fortunately there are some programmes to help women overcome those barriers. Checkout our free eBook – the Women’s Business Finance Guide for more.

The infographic was created by Carolyn Van using Piktochart, a free online tool which enables non-designers to create infographics.

investing in women Startup Investment in Women: Infographic

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